Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Essentials

Down in GA we are feeling the affects of Hurricane Sandy with cold weather and strong winds. Sure I am a little jealous of the people getting snow but I can wait my turn. I hope everyone is staying safe and warm in New England. What did you do to prepare for the storm?

Hurricane Essentials

These are my essentials for waiting out the bad weather. A monogram raincoat and rain boots are a must. Hunter is by far the best brand for rain boots. To cozy up at home in a fisherman cable knit, leggings, and comfy must. I'm a little kid when it comes to the dark so flash lights and candles are always in my room. I'm a book worm so a new book on my iphone or ipad and i'd never know the tv was out. A warm scarf plus a good umbrella is a must if you go outside during this weather. 

-The Plaid Princess


  1. Loving the monogrammed raincoat! I have monogrammed rainboots and I love them. Just found your blog, so cute!