Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fall leaves and sweaters

I can't believe I have been so MIA lately, between trying to finish up for the semester and the election it has been a busy busy week here. I'll recap though, so the boyfriend and I are wanting to take good pictures and incorporate them into our mother's Christmas gifts. here is a little preview of our "Fall leaves and sweaters" photoshoot
I will post more pictures later, I can't help it after all this time I'm still head over heels for him. Moving on because I could talk for days about him. I got something in the mail yesterday, my Vineyard Vines Christmas catalog! Officially wanting everything but I'm going to share my favorites.

Of course I have the plaid skirts, don't they just scream holiday season?? The other pieces are casual, but I love them. My Vineyard Vines clothes are always made with such good quality I keep finding myself coming back for more. What are your favorite VV clothes from this season?

-The Plaid Princess 

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  1. Your photos are so sweet! I'm sure both your mum and his will love them.