Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vintage Coach

During middle school/high school I went through the "I LOVE Coach" phase then it died out as the colors continued to get brighter and far away from my style. Well Coach you did again, with the new Willis bag, Legacy collection, and Coach Classics, I have fallen in love with you again. I love the classic lines of the chic vintage bags. Nothing like a leather bag with great quality that will last a lifetime. I got to thinking before I put down lots of $$$ for a new bag made to look vintage, I should check out sites and look at buying a vintage one first. This would be a first for me because I'm a little wary of buying online and the whole "quality" of vintage. I pulled my favorites to share so please help me make a choice! Yay or Nay to actual vintage? Would you buy/use one?
Vintage Coach
-The Plaid Princess

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Plaid holiday shirt

I haven't picked out what I'm going to wear for Christmas yet so I have been playing around with plaid shirts and how to dress them up. I think this also gives a more feminine touch to the "manly flannel and plaid" nothing a little glitter and pearls cannot fix!
Plaid holiday shirt
What do you think about dressing up a plaid shirt?

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-The Plaid Princess

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Queen B to Princess Kate

(I've ALWAYS been team Blair and Chuck)

For years I have admired Blair (Leighton Meester). She is a classic beauty, who is always put together. Have you ever seen Blair in jeans? Nope. From her style to her hair she has always been my favorite on the show. Her sass and scheming adds to her role. I just love her.

Aside from B, my other style icon is none other than the Princess herself, Kate. 
Kate's style is more mature so, I find myself being drawn to her style more now (as I get older in other words).
Kate is the perfect mix of style, class, and modesty. I love how Kate can out-princess anyone in a beautiful 2 piece suit with a fabulous hate and then she is in jeans and a sweater and still looks stunning. Her style and demeanor is something I can try to strive for... 

These ladies are my modern day fashion icons. I feel like I can look at them for inspiration. Who are yours?

-The Plaid Princess 

Statement Necklaces

I personally love a good statement necklace, but the style comes and goes so quickly that I do not want to pay a crazy amount for a necklace I may only wear a few times. I recently saw someone sporting a cute necklace from Forever 21 and I decided to look online and I found so many cute necklaces for so very cheap. Yes the quality does match the price, but as seeing these aren't going to be staples in my wardrobe just accessories it seems fine!

Statement Necklaces
Do you shop at Forever 21 for statement necklaces? Or where else do you get them for a good price?

-The Plaid Princess

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Lilly Pulitzer Cooler

This week I received a monogrammed Lilly Cooler from Key Lime Designs  Via Miss Southern Prep and I am in LOVE! I picked the Ugotta Regatta pattern with my monogram in pink and it is absolutely gorgeous. The size of the cooler is much larger than I expected, but that was a good surprise. The bag also came with a bottle open and to my surprise (again) also a cork screw! I'm so excited to use this bag because I know I will use it as a huge tote not just a cooler. The colors are so bright and pretty in person. The outside is a strong durable material and the inside is of course waterproof so this will be a great bag to take on trips and it will get used many times during the summer as an amazing cooler! I'm so pleased with it and completely recommend it as a gift for others and even yourself. Here are some pictures of my cooler (no filter taking on iphone)

More pictures on my instagram: along10
Thanks again for my cooler I'll be sure to get good use out of it!

-The Plaid Princess

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sweater Weather

Whether the weather, I sure love sweater weather. Too much? I didn't think so. There is nothing like throwing on an over-sized (cute) sweater, leggins, and boots. It's comfy and warm plus it fits my style of awkward between college/being an adult. Well if you are like me I like to pay for what I get that's why my favorite sweater is a fisherman sweater that was around $80. Yes a splurge, but I wear it literally all the time. It's a beige creamy color that works great as a neutral. Well on Pinterest I see the cutest over-sized sweaters.. well I found one of the sites and you know what the sweaters are cute and inexpensive! Can you say score and buh-bye Christmas money. I fell in love with so many sweaters, but these are some of my fav. I paired it with Jcrew leggings and boots (I really am wishing for some bean boots hint hint Santa) and then added some extra accessories.
Sweater Weather
Do you like or have a better site to find cute sweaters? Do share!

-The Plaid Princess

Monday, December 10, 2012

Date Night

After a crazy few days of getting classes finished up the boyfriend and I can finally relax and have some down time. So last night we pulled out the sugar cookie dough and sprinkles and made some Christmas cookies! It was so much fun and even though they didn't turn out as planned they still tasted delicious and that's all that matters anyway. 
(Christmas tree, Santa hat, wreath, snowman, star/snowflake, and candy cane.. obviously)

Since this was a fun and inexpensive way to spend our night together I thought I'd share with you guys my "Date Jar". I can't take credit I must say I found this idea on Pinterest and made it for my boyfriend's birthday gift. For one i'm a really indecisive person about absolutely everything. I hate making choices and when pressure is on me I freeze up so this happens to me a little present to myself also. 
So here is my mason jar full of popsicle sticks 
I just used a mason jar I had at home and used popsicle sticks with three different shades of green which have light green-stay at home dates, medium green- cheap dates, and dark green- more expensive dates. I wrote the dates on the popsicle sticks using a sharpie
The dates range from:
Walk around the neighborhood
Build a fire
His/mine choice of movie
Breakfast in bed
Go have a picnic by the lake
Get outside and play a sport
Go to a nice restaurant
Have my favorite fried rice
Pizza and movie night
Sports night
Bake cookies together
Have a picnic indoors
Pick a theme night (Italian food and movie, etc)
Go hear a local band
Go camping
Explore a bookstore
Take a walk to local downtown
Go visit another city close by
Window shop
Homemade pizzas
Grill out
Dessert only date
Go play golf (he loves it)
Try a new restaurant 
Hammock date
Love notes trade (its due within 24 hours to give to one another)
Cook a whole meal together
Wash and clean out cars (hey it can be fun!)
Gift under $5 (its cheap, special, and exciting to see what the other got you)
Get all dressed up (even if its just to go to a local restaurant)
Finger foods only dinner
Play a board game
Fro-yo date
All day Pj date
Look at the stars
Him/me plan a date
Camp in the backyard
Take out food
Find a seasonal festival or fair 
I didn't paint them perfectly to leave a kinda rustic feel to the popsicle sticks, even though I had to tie a bow because it sits on the desk and it needed to be cute. 

It's a great idea or gift for someone special and so easy to make! Have you made anything like this before? Did the person like it?

-The Plaid Princess


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fall semester 2012- Check

Well another semester down and I can tell you I am so excited. My finals are finished and classes are passed now if only St. Nicholas would hurry and bring me some goodies. Christmas time is my favorite time for many reasons one the weather, I love love love snow. The second would be the festive holiday has Christmas, New Years, and my birthday all wrapped up just a few days apart. I can't believe it is already this time again. What does that mean? Lots of presents for little me of course, but this year I can't come up with good presents other than "Oh some really nice sheets would be perfect" being a live in girlfriend has really domesticated me over the past year, but for the few items I could come up on my list (other than sheets) here there are:
Christmas wish list
My number one on my list is a new purse, my poor Longchamp is getting old and I want a more classic style bag so I am on the hunt for the perfect bag. I would love to hear what is on your guys Christmas list, what you are hoping for?

I hope everyone has done good on your finals and the ones to come!
-The Plaid Princess

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Finals fear to Christmas cheer

It's that time again... Finals and as most are cramming and scattering (like myself) it can get pretty depression and just miserable. So in the gloom of studying and paper writing my amazing boyfriend and his friend put up Christmas lights on our house! Can you say instant happiness?

3 Finals and 1 project and then I will officially be done. Good luck to everyone else who has finals and may the odds be in our favor right?

-The Plaid Princess 

"Me" time

With finals here, at times I found myself needing some down time to calm and breath. Here are some ways I find myself in all the craziness.

1. Doing my nails. Nothing is more calming than taking some down time to do my nails. I have recently got on a polish kick and honestly I don't remember what my nails actually look like. My personal fav brand is Essie and I'm an all neutral kind of girl. I recently branched out to gray/metallic. Yes I like it put the light pink nude is an addiction and I can't help it.
Nair Therapy

2. Is hair I love playing around with my hair and finding new styles. I love trying out new shampoos and products on my hair. Currently I love my length, I just love making it super soft and shine!
check out my intagram- along10 if you want a look at my hair and clothes. I'm still super new and have to remind myself to take pictures and put on here, but I'm getting better!

3. Reading-it's my escape. I could read a good book any day. If I could be a professional reader I would... Maybe I need to come up with this job? I love the classics, the past intrigues me greatly, I love the mannerisms and vernacular. It is so different from how we live today and I could see myself in a past decade... wait maybe if I could bring my iPhone then I could make it. And I feel like every girl loves a good love story, we can't help it.

4. Pandora- my love. Kidding, but not really. I love listening to music, it's so calming and I love being able to control what I want to listen to. And yes I do have my own mini concerts when I'm alone, it's something I'll never grow out of. I have a very wide style of music I enjoy, it really depends on my mood. I can go from today hits to 1990 classic hits to ole Frank. I personally keep Pandora on Mumford and Sons or 1990's. Every now and then I still get my "Call Me Maybe" fix. Can't help it! (here is what I'm currently listening to)

 5. A good movie or Netflix marathon.  Now add good show plus my bed is something I love. I'm a lazy girl so getting down time to watch a good movie is always cherished. I'm the type of person who gets emotionally invested in shows. The characters become friends of mine. Just me? Probably. I love a good chick when it comes to movies. I mean I want to laugh, to cry, to actually feel the movie, but when it comes to TV I can branch out at times. Like Sons of Anarchy sure I might hide my face for 85% of the show but you can't pass up on something you and your significant other. 

 How do you like to spend down time to pamper yourself? I'd love to hear!

-The Plaid Princess