Monday, December 10, 2012

Date Night

After a crazy few days of getting classes finished up the boyfriend and I can finally relax and have some down time. So last night we pulled out the sugar cookie dough and sprinkles and made some Christmas cookies! It was so much fun and even though they didn't turn out as planned they still tasted delicious and that's all that matters anyway. 
(Christmas tree, Santa hat, wreath, snowman, star/snowflake, and candy cane.. obviously)

Since this was a fun and inexpensive way to spend our night together I thought I'd share with you guys my "Date Jar". I can't take credit I must say I found this idea on Pinterest and made it for my boyfriend's birthday gift. For one i'm a really indecisive person about absolutely everything. I hate making choices and when pressure is on me I freeze up so this happens to me a little present to myself also. 
So here is my mason jar full of popsicle sticks 
I just used a mason jar I had at home and used popsicle sticks with three different shades of green which have light green-stay at home dates, medium green- cheap dates, and dark green- more expensive dates. I wrote the dates on the popsicle sticks using a sharpie
The dates range from:
Walk around the neighborhood
Build a fire
His/mine choice of movie
Breakfast in bed
Go have a picnic by the lake
Get outside and play a sport
Go to a nice restaurant
Have my favorite fried rice
Pizza and movie night
Sports night
Bake cookies together
Have a picnic indoors
Pick a theme night (Italian food and movie, etc)
Go hear a local band
Go camping
Explore a bookstore
Take a walk to local downtown
Go visit another city close by
Window shop
Homemade pizzas
Grill out
Dessert only date
Go play golf (he loves it)
Try a new restaurant 
Hammock date
Love notes trade (its due within 24 hours to give to one another)
Cook a whole meal together
Wash and clean out cars (hey it can be fun!)
Gift under $5 (its cheap, special, and exciting to see what the other got you)
Get all dressed up (even if its just to go to a local restaurant)
Finger foods only dinner
Play a board game
Fro-yo date
All day Pj date
Look at the stars
Him/me plan a date
Camp in the backyard
Take out food
Find a seasonal festival or fair 
I didn't paint them perfectly to leave a kinda rustic feel to the popsicle sticks, even though I had to tie a bow because it sits on the desk and it needed to be cute. 

It's a great idea or gift for someone special and so easy to make! Have you made anything like this before? Did the person like it?

-The Plaid Princess


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