Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fall semester 2012- Check

Well another semester down and I can tell you I am so excited. My finals are finished and classes are passed now if only St. Nicholas would hurry and bring me some goodies. Christmas time is my favorite time for many reasons one the weather, I love love love snow. The second would be the festive holiday has Christmas, New Years, and my birthday all wrapped up just a few days apart. I can't believe it is already this time again. What does that mean? Lots of presents for little me of course, but this year I can't come up with good presents other than "Oh some really nice sheets would be perfect" being a live in girlfriend has really domesticated me over the past year, but for the few items I could come up on my list (other than sheets) here there are:
Christmas wish list
My number one on my list is a new purse, my poor Longchamp is getting old and I want a more classic style bag so I am on the hunt for the perfect bag. I would love to hear what is on your guys Christmas list, what you are hoping for?

I hope everyone has done good on your finals and the ones to come!
-The Plaid Princess

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  1. love the plaid shirt and the lilly accessories!