Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sweater Weather

Whether the weather, I sure love sweater weather. Too much? I didn't think so. There is nothing like throwing on an over-sized (cute) sweater, leggins, and boots. It's comfy and warm plus it fits my style of awkward between college/being an adult. Well if you are like me I like to pay for what I get that's why my favorite sweater is a fisherman sweater that was around $80. Yes a splurge, but I wear it literally all the time. It's a beige creamy color that works great as a neutral. Well on Pinterest I see the cutest over-sized sweaters.. well I found one of the sites www.sheinside.com and you know what the sweaters are cute and inexpensive! Can you say score and buh-bye Christmas money. I fell in love with so many sweaters, but these are some of my fav. I paired it with Jcrew leggings and boots (I really am wishing for some bean boots hint hint Santa) and then added some extra accessories.
Sweater Weather
Do you like Sheinside.com or have a better site to find cute sweaters? Do share!

-The Plaid Princess


  1. I have never heard of this site! You just made my week!

    Newest follower! Love your blog!

  2. Cute picks! Loving the 2nd sweater!


  3. AWww I love the mint green one!! I can't stand it when all the sweaters they have all come in really boring dull colors. This is a great selection of pretty ones!

  4. They have such cute stuff there! I haven't tried to purchase yet...but their stuff is so adorable!


  5. FABULOUS post darling! As a matter of fact I wore my over-sized beige sweater with leggings and riding boots when I went shopping today! And it was perfect :) I will definitely be checking this site out!

    BTW, LL Beans are on my list too ;)

    xoxo chelsea


  6. I love ALL of these! Great picks love!