Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gifts- for the kitchen

Coming up soon is Spring so you know what the means- graduations, marriages, and leases being up (my idea of moving somewhere new) well for all those occasions we all need some quick gift ideas. Especially if you have a lot of sorority sisters (or maybe just normal sisters also!)
Here is my first list of Gift Ideas:
Gifts for the kitchen
Sure all these are bright and fun and might go better for a young female about to start college or getting her first home. Sure I'd still use this even though I'm a live in girlfriend. Heck don't touch my sparkly plate! Personally I'd love to receive/buy a cute mug or kitchen accessory for a few reasons. 1. I'll actually use it and whats better than that? 2. You can match it with the person's personality. 3. The price- you can find cute items for the home at places like Tj Maxx, Target, and online for good deals.

Would you like to get one of these cute/sassy home goods? Where do you get your adorable items for the home?

-The Plaid Princess

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  1. I love that sparkly plate, my fiancé would kill me though if he saw me pulling that out of the cabinet haha