Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lilly takes over my life

Sorry readers I took a little school related break. Work load got a little crazy for a few days. 
Recently I got to sit down and look at Lifeguard Press' Lilly Pulitzer spring 2013 release (link here) and I am loving some of the new items!

Lilly Pulitzer
Though I am sad the speakers do not come in any of the new patterns
I have been wanting one for awhile any comments on them? 
What new Lifeguard Press items do you like?

-The Plaid Princess


  1. How dare you not blog because you have a job! For shame. I'm just kidding. I love all those Lilly items and desperately want them to release a line for my sorority.

    1. Exactly shame on me! My KD murfee is my prized possession and I hope she releases other sorority patterns. I love how special Lilly makes the patterns.

  2. LOVE my ADPI Lilly tote, I take it everywhere with me. Just need that little portable iPhone charger! :)