Saturday, February 9, 2013

The perfect laptop

If you follow me on Instagram (along10) you saw yesterday I got a MacBook Air! I was so excited, I was also in desperate need of an upgrade. 
I was a little worried about how tiny the MacBook Air is but, it has turned out to be perfect for me. I am on the Internet a lot between blogging and school and this little thing can handle it all. It's so lightweight and I've been astonished how the computer does not heat up. 
Did I mention how absolutely adorable it is? I can honestly say I love this little thing and have been treating it like my child. I just can't help it...
Now I only need to name my cute computer and buy some accessories. I found the cutest items on and I'm considering getting a hardcase.  
MacBook Air
Any suggestions on what to get?

Sorry if I'm a little off for the next few post. I'm still new to Mac and trying to figure everything out :)

-The Plaid Princess


  1. Aw I absolutely love my MacBook (I have the Pro). I started a hardshell case from Apple, but something mush have gotten inside of the case because a weird mold started growing on the laptop there were a bunch of scratches when I took it off. Now I just use a laptop bag and it works great!

    xx Ani

  2. I want one so bad!! Jealous. I just nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog.


  3. I got a white and grey chevron case for my ipad that I love! Although that pink one is really cute too. Love your blog :) I'm now following you



  4. I nominated you for a Liebster award! Go check it out! :) xx

    -Lanie @

  5. Yay! I love my MacBook Air! Congrats! As far as cases go, I used to have a plastic like protector thing on it, (forgot the name though) It was weird though because you know how light these things are, it made my laptop feel like 10lbs heavier. So weird! Now I just use this white and gray case with the softest lining inside ever! It's by incase and I got it at the apple store. Next time, I'd go with the darker version though as it got a bit dirty and is hard to clean.