Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring beauty products

Good afternoon friends!
Lately the beauty bug has bit me and I have been wanting to try a bunch of different drugstore items. I thought it would be great to show you guys what I'm loving this spring

Spring beauty products
1.  Garnier Fructis' Sleek & Shine Moroccan oil I had recently wanted to try a moroccan oil because I have dry ends and I was wanting to bring my hair back to softness. Now completely this product leaves your hair soft and shiny but, if you have oily or fine hair (like mine) make sure you wash it out. I either use this product at night and put it in my ends, throw it in a bun, and wash out the next morning or if for some reason that doesn't happen I put it in my ends and wash it out at the end of my shower. Overall great product and you can't beat the price at $5.

2. Nivea Normally I am a Burt's Bee type of girl but, I wanted to give Nivea and try and wow I can say this stuff is the bomb. I would use it for daily use but, when my lips are really dry this does the trick. 

3. Moist Hemp Bronzing Moisturizer A few post ago I was talking about trying out a tanning lotion. Well I found my favorite... Now this is a little out of the box and I can only find this at Sally's Beauty Supply but, I'm sure you can get this product at Wal-Mart or other beauty supply stores. Now let me rave... this stuff goes on so natural and gives you just a little color each time. I am so surprised how nicely my tan is coming along. It gives my skin an overal bronze instead of orange tan. I'm super happy with this product and it's getting me ready for shorts weather! I have to say though the smell is a little over powering and it can leave the skin almost oily so I cover myself in this stuff, let it dry, and go to sleep then when I shower the smell and excess oil goes away and my bronze tan stays. I put this on like regular lotion and just make sure to wash my hands after.

4. Aussie Heat Protecting Shine Spray I was wanting to get a good heat protectant for my hair because I normally run the blow dryer over it everyday. This product has been great for the price. It leaves my hair very soft and the smell is amazing. The only thing I have personally found is the product works best when I spray a little in the ends before I dry, after drying I section off the hair and spray in the ends but, this time I flip my hair and work the product in. I make sure my hair and the product is completely dry before flat ironing or putting anymore heat to my hair. The only cons I could find is I wish the spray covered more all over and not in a straight line but, something I can live with.

Well I hope these reviews help you on your search for beauty products. Please comment with your favorite product so I can give yours a try!

Have a great day!

-The Plaid Princess

Monday, March 25, 2013

Not enough pastels

Well you guys it's been a busy weekend around here. 
Also the weather has been terrible.
Snowing in Georgia.. in March.. This is unheard of. Ridiculous.
So even though i'm still wishing for warmer weather, I can't help my obsession with pastels. I kept seeing pastel skinny jeans so I finally caved and bought a pair of light pastel pink and I can say I am hooked and in love!
I have been trying to come up with outfits to match pastels and I have been wondering what was missing from my closet?
A great chambray shirt to keep me warm and not look too summer time when it's 30 degree outside!

Chambray and pastels
I like the idea of just color blocking with plain colorful pieces but, I like the idea of throwing some pattern in there. 
Personally I'm loving the chambray and pastel for a spring look. What is your favorite spring look?

-The Plaid Princess 

Friday, March 22, 2013

New sunnies

Let me give you some background... My name is Amanda and I'm a klutz. Yep, I'm the girl who breaks iPhones (knock on wood not again) and well pretty much anything else. Including expensive sunglasses. This is why I don't buy expensive sunglasses even though I normally drool over the famous Ray-Ban sunglasses. Pretty much any style

Well I was super excited when Firmoo contacted me about trying their glasses then reviewing them on my blog.

I received a wayfarer style with brown wood grain detailing on the side. The lenses are brown and framed by black. Let's just say I'm super excited about them.

When I got them and I was looking like a hot mess so, this is a review without pictures of me but, I will post some soon!
Let me just tell you they are super cute on!

My favorite part is the wood grain detail on the side it gives it a funky vibe. The quality of the glasses is just like the Ray-Bans. Honestly and I like these just as much. Even comparing them to my boyfriend's Ray-Bans these flatter my face way better. Not to mention these are way cheaper.

I'm not going to lie... at first I wasn't very thrilled about the brown lenses, they felt a little out of place and you can kinda see through them since this pair is not polarized but, after having them this has not been a problem at all. They work great for just being outside or when I'm in the car.

What I do love is the fact you receive a hardcase, softcase, lense wipe, and tools with the sunglasses!

I can't wait to rock this pair of sunglasses this summer. These will be taken on every vacation and used on a daily basis also.

If you think you would enjoy a pair (which I know you would!) go check out their first free program! All you have to do is pay shipping then you will have a pair of Firmoo glasses. I completely recommend working with this company. They have wonderful customer service and fast shipping. It's a win win! 

I'm going to post some more pictures soon but, check out my Instagram along10 for lots of pictures of my new favorite pair of sunnies!

-The Plaid Princess

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Warmer weathers means...plaid

(Kinda annoyed with Blogger.. had this set on a timer and it never went up! Sorry for the delay!)

Morning friends! I hope you are all having a lovely day  

Let's go ahead and state the obvious... I love plaid but, I don't think I have ever explained why I love plaid. 
One word, versatility. See I own plaid ranging from cutesy and girly cuts and colors and then my boyfriend can pull out a plaid button down and look like a lumberjack (if you have yet to see him, he has a really big beard which adds to this look, I love it) and yet it all works. Plaid can be classy and dressy or traditional and comfy. Like I said, I love it. 
But most plaid is worn in the winter. It just seems so right to wrap up in a fleece plaid button down when it is cold. What about all the other seasons? 

I started my search for some new plaid items and ended up looking on Modcloth and found the cutest "springy" plaid clothes
Spring Plaid
For spring, I'd personally enjoy pastel and light color plaids but, keeping a traditional plaid with a warmer weather cut makes all these work for spring!

What do you think about wearing plaid during the warmer months?

Also head over to one of my favorite blogs, Pretty Pieces. Lauren interviewed a sweet southerner (aka me) before she headed down south (to the land of the pines!) She is the sweetest girl with a great blog so go check her and the interview out! 

-The Plaid Princess

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Just a girl who loves books

Happy Saturday morning! We made it, the weekend is finally here.

As you can tell from the title... I'm talking about me. I absolutely adore reading books, my all time favorite book would have to be Pride and Prejudice and my current favorite would have to be Perks of Being A Wallflower. Even though I have read these two countless times, I still love them. But now I have found myself in a rut when it comes to finding a new book.
After finding some list of "books to read in your 20s" here are some suggested books I have found but, yet to read so please if you have any input on these books let me know!

- The Something Borrowed/Something Blue Series by Emily Giffin
- Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy
- The Marriage Plot by Jeff Eugenides
- Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
- The Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts
- Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close
- MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche
- Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan 
- The Time Travelers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
-Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

(Crazy enough I think all these books are about love/marriage. Ironically everyone I know is in love and getting married...hmm)

These are just a few I found but, any recommendations from you guys would be great!

But I'm keeping this post short because the weather is so nice outside so I'll be spending this spring day outside! 

-The Plaid Princess

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where are the wedges?

Sorry guys but, today I have to rant.
So lately, I've had this picture in my head of myself... long flowing maxi skirt, cute brown wedges, hair blowing in the wind, warm spring sun... by the beach. Realistic? No but, a good wish. After this thought I began a search for a brown/neutral wedge. Now i'm average heigh (5'5-5'6) but, when EVERY cute wedge has a 5 inch platform heel, I become 6 foot tall. Nothing against being tall at all other than please find me a maxi that would touch the floor with these babies below: 
So please as I continue hunting for a lower (actually attractive) neutral wedge, tell me if you know some secret place to find them!

-The Plaid Princess

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring Jewels

If you follow me on Instagram (along10) then you saw I won some gorgeous jewelry from Ikavee. I am so excited to start adding to my jewelry collection. I have never really gotten into wearing statement jewelry (don't really need it for Nike shorts and big t-shirts!) but, something in me has started being drawn to wearing jewelry everyday to dress up my outfit. Maybe it's me growing up who knows. If you didn't get to see my winnings here they are
Make sure you follow me on Instagram to see how I style them!
I'm so excited with this fun new statement jewelry. The shipping was so fast and the packaging was very cute and personalized. After looking on Ikavee's Facebook I have fallen in love with some of their other pieces also!

Wouldn't these be great for spring?!
-The Plaid Princess

Friday, March 1, 2013

2013 Trendy bikinis

Good afternoon lovely readers!
Do I have a lot to catch you guys up on! Well you know from my last post I had both grandmothers in the hospital. Now they are both out so yay and I will officially have more time for blogging starting now.
I had to make a few life choices for this upcoming year which is why I needed a little break. I needed to find which direction I am going.
And I am going to the direction of happiness
I'm going to stay positive, happy, and stress-free as my life starts to take a new turn!
With my upcoming changes hopefully the weather will make a change to spring time. I have been eyeing some super cute "cropped top bikinis" at various stores such as Target (my favorite) and I'm thinking this will have to be my "trendy" bathing suit for this year. Of course I haven't tried on this style but, I absolutely hate triangle bathing suit tops so this looks like a winner for my body shape (flat, straight up and down, etc.
2013 Bikinis
What do you guys think about the cropped top? Or what other bathing suit trend will you be wearing?

-The Plaid Princess