Friday, March 1, 2013

2013 Trendy bikinis

Good afternoon lovely readers!
Do I have a lot to catch you guys up on! Well you know from my last post I had both grandmothers in the hospital. Now they are both out so yay and I will officially have more time for blogging starting now.
I had to make a few life choices for this upcoming year which is why I needed a little break. I needed to find which direction I am going.
And I am going to the direction of happiness
I'm going to stay positive, happy, and stress-free as my life starts to take a new turn!
With my upcoming changes hopefully the weather will make a change to spring time. I have been eyeing some super cute "cropped top bikinis" at various stores such as Target (my favorite) and I'm thinking this will have to be my "trendy" bathing suit for this year. Of course I haven't tried on this style but, I absolutely hate triangle bathing suit tops so this looks like a winner for my body shape (flat, straight up and down, etc.
2013 Bikinis
What do you guys think about the cropped top? Or what other bathing suit trend will you be wearing?

-The Plaid Princess


  1. So happy to hear your grandma's are going well! Love the coral one!

    Happy Friday!

  2. That first bikini is adorable! Can't wait for swimsuit weather! xox

  3. Glad to hear your grandmas are doing better now, love the third turquoise one!