Friday, March 22, 2013

New sunnies

Let me give you some background... My name is Amanda and I'm a klutz. Yep, I'm the girl who breaks iPhones (knock on wood not again) and well pretty much anything else. Including expensive sunglasses. This is why I don't buy expensive sunglasses even though I normally drool over the famous Ray-Ban sunglasses. Pretty much any style

Well I was super excited when Firmoo contacted me about trying their glasses then reviewing them on my blog.

I received a wayfarer style with brown wood grain detailing on the side. The lenses are brown and framed by black. Let's just say I'm super excited about them.

When I got them and I was looking like a hot mess so, this is a review without pictures of me but, I will post some soon!
Let me just tell you they are super cute on!

My favorite part is the wood grain detail on the side it gives it a funky vibe. The quality of the glasses is just like the Ray-Bans. Honestly and I like these just as much. Even comparing them to my boyfriend's Ray-Bans these flatter my face way better. Not to mention these are way cheaper.

I'm not going to lie... at first I wasn't very thrilled about the brown lenses, they felt a little out of place and you can kinda see through them since this pair is not polarized but, after having them this has not been a problem at all. They work great for just being outside or when I'm in the car.

What I do love is the fact you receive a hardcase, softcase, lense wipe, and tools with the sunglasses!

I can't wait to rock this pair of sunglasses this summer. These will be taken on every vacation and used on a daily basis also.

If you think you would enjoy a pair (which I know you would!) go check out their first free program! All you have to do is pay shipping then you will have a pair of Firmoo glasses. I completely recommend working with this company. They have wonderful customer service and fast shipping. It's a win win! 

I'm going to post some more pictures soon but, check out my Instagram along10 for lots of pictures of my new favorite pair of sunnies!

-The Plaid Princess


  1. Love the woodgrain! So different. My raybans are the same style, and they seem to sit crookedly on my face, so I'd love to try something new!

  2. Just started following you on Instagram!!