Monday, April 8, 2013

Best phone cases?!

Hello, blogging friends!

(Sorry for my irregular posting I blame that spring break bug!)

Like most people I have an iPhone (regular 4 nothing too fancy) and the time has came for a new case. I have been sporting an OtterBox Defender case in pink and grey for over a year (since I broke my first iPhone) and the case has been great! It has saved my phone countless times but, it's bulky and i'm tired of it. Whiney right? Well I'm due for an upgrade soon but, my phone needs a new case asap. 
Sorry OtterBox but, the outside rubber makes me want to pull my hair out. My first choice is a LifeProof or the new Otterbox that can go underwater. Hey you never know when you will need your phone... But the $80 and $100 price tag has me saying not right now and not with a phone I may not have in a few months.
So my search for a new iPhone case began. First choice yes would've been Lilly Pulitzer, Vera Bradley, and Tory Burch but those cases are honestly cheap and I don't trust them so now I'm asking you my lovely friends to help me find the best iPhone case. 
It must be:
1. Durable (Hard cases and I prefer something to cover a little of the front screen)
2. Not huge and bulky
3. A fun new color or design

iPhone Cases

Here are the cases I have been loving. 

The first two are Incipio, I've heard great things but, never had the chance to try. They seem durable but, any feedback would be great. ( 1. Delta hard case 2. Destroyer Ulta)
The third is good ole OtterBox I've heard good and bad/horrible things about this case. 

Otterbox has a good brand name but, I've heard too many mixed reviews. ( 3. Commuter Series)

Lastly is my absolute favorite but, I have the most reservation about. I've only recently learned about this brand Tech Candy. From what I understand the cases come with two different color silicon covers and than a hard cover that snaps on the back for extra protection. These cases and really everything on this site is too cute and the price is just right but, I just don't want to break my phone (again!) (4. Venice Case Set)

So please any recommendations or reviews would be very helpful. Myself and my iPhone both thank you!

Btw I must make a short note to post about Lilly Pulitzer: May she rest in peace! I know the queen of pink and green helped mold me into the girl I am, a Lilly girl. I will forever be thankful for all the brightness she personally brought into my life. I have met so many people just for having the same love for this woman and her brand. I'm forever thankful and will always remember the great Lilly.

-The Plaid Princess


  1. This is giving me phone envy! I still have the iphone 3 haha! I've named it Grandma haha! I haven't heard anything about the cases, so I am no help to you...but I see you are a kappa delta! I am a ZTA from Cali...we had KDs on our campus :-)

  2. The Tech Candy case is so adorable!! Probably not the most protective, but SO CUTE!

    xo Amy @ British Prep

  3. I love your preppy little blog! How perfect! I too am a preppy Lilly-loving and mermaid loving college student!

    I have followed you via GFC and hope you follow back! I'd love to stay in touch xoxo

    PS A Pinklette anchor necklace giveaway is going on my blog now! :)

  4. Just make sure it's not one of those plastic only ones. Those do nothing for the phone when you drop it. Trust me lol!! I have the 5 and have this ugly case from when they first came out. I haven't really looked for any new ones but your post inspired me to start shopping around too!