Thursday, April 23, 2015

YSL mascara

Hello friends!

I know I have wrote about before, if you aren't signed up, WHAT are you waiting for?! Free stuff! Yes please! But seriously this website is the Not only do I get to try out new beauty, food, etc. items it also keeps me update on whats new and what is worth the hype/not worth the hype. There are tons of helpful reviews on thousands of products so make sure you check it out!

I was very blessed and was chosen to receive the YSL voxbox! In my voxbox came Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effect Faux Cils!! YSL is an iconic luxury make-up brand and let's just say I'm a little obsessed... I LOVE this mascara.

Insert mildly gross/awkward pictures of my eyeballs up close:

Left: No mascara Right: left eye mascara right eye none

*Awkward up close*

Long hair, even longer lashes
Okay so these are the general questions I like to know before buying a mascara:
Does it flake? I have had absolutely no problems with this! No raccoon eyes either!
Any curl to it? The mascara wand it like a traditional straight across wand, so not the best for adding that extra curl.
Does it come off easy? Yes and no; I take a make-up remover to wipe off all my make-up and go over my eyes then use an eye makeup remover to take off any excess. Easy process for long beautiful lashes all day.
I will admit I have worn it for second day (like right this second) and it looks pretty awesome for when it's final weeks and I haven't taken off my make-up since yesterday!

Now the question is will I pay $32 for another tube when it dries out? I'm actually thinking yes, if it of course last me a few months (I'll let you guys know). Honestly, it's not just the formula but, what I really love... the smell! Yes I know it sounds crazy but, this mascara smells GREAT! I have long lashes so anything that promises volume I will try it out, I will say it surprisingly also added a bit length so the formula is also good.

I'll give you guys an update on how all my products i've previously received from Influenster have held up!
*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*

Friday, April 3, 2015

Book Review

Hello my lovely friends!
I have a great book review for y'all

I would recommend this book for all Jane Austen, Bronte sisters, or any other classic british romance novelist... lover! It is a modern setting (which I normally do not read) but, any book lover (or person with a heart) will absolutely love the story.

Without giving too much away I will give a short summary: The books takes place in modern day Chicago, the main character Samantha Moore has had her fair share of a "tough" life (I wanted to reach through the book and just hug her at times) but, through it all she connects with others and the outside world through her books, in other words she finds herself letting Jane Austen do much of her talking, which if you can pick up on her quotations, you will find yourself laughing and (sometimes crying) along with Sam. It was fun to join Sam on her journey of finding faith, happiness, and family. 

I personally love how Katherine Reay adds in Faith, it is a beautiful slow journey to see Sam open up her heart to God. Being 22 years old sometimes I can let life get in the way, and sometimes I connivence myself that I am too busy for my faith, this book was a great way for me to reconnect and thank God for all the blessings in my life.

I absolutely adored this book, I sat down and read it in ONE day! A few hours honestly, it was so good I couldn't put it down. That was one Sunday that was definitely not wasted... 

Katherine Reay has another book, Lizzy & Jane, I'm sure a review will pop on here for that book soon! What are some books y'all are loving? Leave me some recommendations :)

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Hello, friends!
I have a fun unboxing and some reviews today! Thanks to Influenster, I was lucky enough to be chosen for one of their awesome boxes. 
I adore the packaging, it always comes in a fun cardboard box (this one the largest I have received). It is always exciting to open up. Speaking of opening up... I had a little help, meet Max. He needed a haircut at this time but, he was just too interested in what sister got to not be in the picture.

Inside the box!

 The goodies inside are:
*Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced sample

*NYC Expert Last Lip Color
*Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea
*EcoTools Hair Brush
*Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
*Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kaja Eyeliner
*McCormick Gourmet Thyme
*Fruit Vines Bites

Mini Reviews:

Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced Serum- Claim {This clinically proven serum is even more effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines for younger looking skin in just two weeks} 
For my 22 year old skin I can say the only lines I really have are around my mouth and lines starting to form around my eyes, both are tiny (and just mean I've laughed and lived) but this stuff was great! I have SUPER dry skin this winter and this was nice to put on at night. Now I would say nothing is magic, so lines are going to form but, this stuff did make my skin feel niiiice.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color- {Get intense, amplified color and shine that last up to six hours}
I was lucky enough to get the color Sugar Plum, absolutely love this color as a pink nude. It's a darker, almost mauve color. Love it while it's still winter. Can it last up to 6 hours? No but, for $1.99 I don't mind reapplying!

Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea- {Made with the finest green tea leaves, peppermint, and other botanicals}
Okay so disclaimer, I'm not a huge green tea fan, actually not a huge tea or coffee fan but, I like trying new things! One this is Christmas in a cup, yep Christmas wrapped up in a warm cup of tea. If you enjoy green tea this is a must try during the winter but, I think I will personally stick to hot chocolate...

EcoTools Hair Brush- {Designed with unique features that leave your head and hair happy and healthy}
I got sent the Styler + Smoother hair brush and man do I love this baby! I am in the process of growing my hair out, it is past my chest and not super fine but, no where near "thick" the bottom 5 inches is damaged from a few years of dying it blonde so I try to use products that will not add extra damage or breakage to my hair. This brush detangles without pulling all my hair out. The only con would be I tend to loose a large amount and I have a tough time cleaning this one out, which can get gross but, nothing a little comb can't fix. I really like the brand EcoTools, i'm thinking about trying out some of their make-up brushes, does anyone have any recommendations??

Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover- {Gently removes all eye makeup, including long-lasting and waterproof makeup, with no oily residue}
So I have added this stuff to my daily routine but, I have to throw out this disclaimer, after using this eye makeup remover I still have to use a Neutrogena makeup wipe. Here is what I do, if I have full makeup on I will use the Rimmel Eye makeup remover first to get off most of mascara, eye makeup, etc and then I will use my face wipe to get off the rest of my makeup and anything left over. It is gentle enough for my sensitive skin so, I love this stuff.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kaja Eyeliner- {Gives instant colour impact with its high intensity pigments, the ultra smooth and creamy formula glides on easily}
HELLO HOLY GRAIL, seriously I will never buy any other drugstore waterproof eyeliner pencil. This stuff glides on the top lid and tight lines the lower eyelash perfectly, can't beat it for $4.49!

McCormick Gourmet Thyme- {Impacts a light minty flavor that can be distinctively warm and aromatic}
Ok, I don't think I have EVER talked about cooking on my blog because I don't do it much, unless you count grilled cheese, but I tried this stuff out on my roasted chicken and mashed potatoes (also had mac&cheese and rolls) and now i'm hungry! I gave myself a pat on the back, this added ingredient made it restaurant quality and i'm not complaining. It says to add to breakfast casseroles, hearty soups, stews, stuffing, and chicken. I will let y'all know how the Thyme is on those other dishes!

Fruit Vines Bites- {New soft, chewy, fruit candy, from the Red Vines family}
Well this item barely made it out of the box, my boyfriend is a bit of a candy expert and he declared these the best things ever. I have to say these little guys were pretty dang good. These have went on my grocery store list and we will be picking these up as a late night snack from now one.

*"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."*

I'll be sure to keep you updated on what products I continue loving

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Welcome back to my life!

Well hello it's been a long time since I last posted...

I give a short explanation in my new "about me" page about why I took a hiatus from writing in my blog for awhile. The truth is both times I tried to write this blog I was only telling half of my story. The half I was willing to share was a pink and green loving sorority girl, who only posted about fashion and make-up. Though I still enjoy these things, the other half of myself is the "stronger" side so both times I gave up trying to hide the real me, the super nerd who doesn't wear make-up but, once a week and whose hair is always in a braid or pony tail.
This doesn't mean I won't post about make-up and clothes because I want to work them more into my daily life as I'm approaching the end of my college career.

To clarify what "side of me" I will be sharing it is my "nerdy" self. See if you met me you would find out I'm extremely shy and only bond to people for the first time if they have a mutual love over a book or author (hello Jane Austen or A Song of Ice and Fire fans), I'm a history lover and recently been studying the Middle Ages- Renaissance era, mostly the War of Roses and the Tudor Dynasty. If you don't know what those things are don't fret, I only plan on posting history related post about once in awhile but, who knows if I enjoy it and they turn out well this might increase. 
I just have to be honest with myself which is I rather receive a book on British Monarchy than make-up... So, I am back and this blog is going to focus on writing for me, on my life so, included will be fashion/make-up, crafts, camping/being in nature, being a nanny, vacationing, books, and as the new addition some history. I can't wait to connect again with previous followers and meet new friends! 

I have a new motto so instead of continuing rambling I'll end it with this quote.
P.S. stay tuned a have an awesome Influenster review coming up and for the next few days I'll be making some major changes to the blog and my other social media sites so be on the look out!