Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Welcome back to my life!

Well hello it's been a long time since I last posted...

I give a short explanation in my new "about me" page about why I took a hiatus from writing in my blog for awhile. The truth is both times I tried to write this blog I was only telling half of my story. The half I was willing to share was a pink and green loving sorority girl, who only posted about fashion and make-up. Though I still enjoy these things, the other half of myself is the "stronger" side so both times I gave up trying to hide the real me, the super nerd who doesn't wear make-up but, once a week and whose hair is always in a braid or pony tail.
This doesn't mean I won't post about make-up and clothes because I want to work them more into my daily life as I'm approaching the end of my college career.

To clarify what "side of me" I will be sharing it is my "nerdy" self. See if you met me you would find out I'm extremely shy and only bond to people for the first time if they have a mutual love over a book or author (hello Jane Austen or A Song of Ice and Fire fans), I'm a history lover and recently been studying the Middle Ages- Renaissance era, mostly the War of Roses and the Tudor Dynasty. If you don't know what those things are don't fret, I only plan on posting history related post about once in awhile but, who knows if I enjoy it and they turn out well this might increase. 
I just have to be honest with myself which is I rather receive a book on British Monarchy than make-up... So, I am back and this blog is going to focus on writing for me, on my life so, included will be fashion/make-up, crafts, camping/being in nature, being a nanny, vacationing, books, and as the new addition some history. I can't wait to connect again with previous followers and meet new friends! 

I have a new motto so instead of continuing rambling I'll end it with this quote.
P.S. stay tuned a have an awesome Influenster review coming up and for the next few days I'll be making some major changes to the blog and my other social media sites so be on the look out!

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