About Me

Hello lovely readers,
Thank you for taking the time to stop by my blog and to get to know me!

My name is Amanda. I currently reside in the southern part of the United States. I am 22 years old and I'm (still) attending college. 

Within this blog you are going to see my interests and a look into who I am. 
When I first started this blog (twice before) I tried to focus on the superficial aspects of writing. Don't get me wrong I love fashion and beauty but, this isn't who I completely am. 
So both times, I failed but, that doesn't mean I can't try again. Isn't the third time always the charm?

Other than loving clothing and make-up, I am a huge history nerd. I still think about dropping everything and becoming a history teacher or a textbook writer. So yes, some post will have historical value now and then, who knows, you might learn something?  My current favorite time periods to study are middle ages through the renaissance era. So yes, I do go to those "amazingly awesome, totally cool" renaissance faires!

I'm a book fanatic- have an suggestions or want a good one to read yourself, then let's talk!

I also love to be outside and be with nature. Camping, hiking, climbing are all activities that I wish I had more time for. I'm trying to become more crafty but, it's a process which I hope I will have much more time for once I am done with school.

Lastly, I am here to show that I am a bit of a contradiction but I am myself, a pink and green, throw some glitter on everything, history-loving book nerd and I am extremely proud of it!

I try my best to keep this up to date but, any questions just send me an email at theplaidprincessblog@gmail.com

Have a blessed day!

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